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Worldwide Wednesdays: I Want to Visit Portugal

Hi guys! Haven’t done one of these in a while eh? Well I’ve had my head in my TEFL books a lot lately but in the midst of all my reading, I have been fantasising about travel plans (obvs), and I’ve decided its time … Continue reading

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Must See Sights in Tenerife

It’s been a while since I mentioned a destination closer to home, and as I spent so many holidays here as a child, I thought it was about time to gave you a rundown of those must see sights in Tenerife. Tenerife … Continue reading

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Are Last Minute Holidays Still Worth It?

For decades, last minute holidays have been a popular part of the package holiday market. If you’re not sure how it works, here’s the gist: last minute holidays are packaged breaks that are on the verge of expiring – ie. … Continue reading

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Royal Caribbean Cruises: The Lowdown

As I mentioned earlier guys here is a post from Catherine, to whet you’re cruise-loving appetites. Love Em xoxo If you’re looking to secure a cruise vacation over the coming months, but don’t know where to start, getting to grips … Continue reading

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Cruise Liners Are For Young People Too

Hey guys, today I thought I’d write a bit about cruises because as we know they all have a bit of a reputation for being associated with older folks. But having found info from plenty of other cruise-loving bloggers, I … Continue reading

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Creative DIY ideas for your travel photography

 Hey guys! It’s guest post time: so, today, fellow-traveller Colin Houghton has dropped us a super-useful post about what to do with all those awesome holiday snaps. I definitely need to get cracking with some of these ideas, I have zillions of pics … Continue reading

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Winter Holidays In The Sun

Hey loves! So the weather sure is changing here, getting cold and crisp, leaves are falling and those dark mornings/evenings are creeping in. Autumn may be a signal of cooler times to come, but it’s just a little bit magical … Continue reading

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