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Can You Really Treat Yourself without Looking Like A Princess?

I’m about to get a bit Carrie Bradshaw on your ass folks! I was thinking about that treat yourself question as I sat in my beautiful hotel room this morning (Jesus! I even sound like Carrie now haha!). But yeah, … Continue reading

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Not Making You Feel Good? Then Let It Go!

This may seem like an obvious thing to do but let me tell you we don’t always live by this feel good philosophy. Well, thinking about the new year and new starts once again (like we always do at this … Continue reading

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What’s Going On?!

I thought it was about time I provided a little update on travel plans and the like….it’s been a while eh?! I have discussed many places I would love to go to in my Worldwide Wednesday posts but I haven’t told you where I’m actually … Continue reading

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  It’s time to celebrate what you’re doing, what you’ve already done and what you’re achieving right now. Go on do it. Throw your hands up in the air and scream ‘YEAH!’. You may think ‘well I haven’t really done … Continue reading

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The inspired Gohemian.

On the brink of a break from work for Easter, we’re all thinking about where we want to be going/what we want to be doing and that can definitely get you thinking about the bigger picture. Just think about it … Continue reading

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Hello world and fellow Gohos!

The Gohemian The independent girl’s guide to self-reliant adventuring around the world. There come’s a time in any young persons life when the 9 to 5 just becomes too much to bare. Usually people get these travels out of their … Continue reading

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