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How I Became A Burlesque Dancer

So this is a topic that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while but always wondered how appropriate it would be. But I decided that this year would be my year to be an honest bunny. I mean I can’t go … Continue reading

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Not Making You Feel Good? Then Let It Go!

This may seem like an obvious thing to do but let me tell you we don’t always live by this feel good philosophy. Well, thinking about the new year and new starts once again (like we always do at this … Continue reading

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What’s Going On?!

I thought it was about time I provided a little update on travel plans and the like….it’s been a while eh?! I have discussed many places I would love to go to in my Worldwide Wednesday posts but I haven’t told you where I’m actually … Continue reading

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The Gohemian’s Guide to Antwerp, Belgium

Sorry this is a little later than anticipated loves, I got back from lovely Antwerp last Monday morning with a bout of food poisoning…oh dear. No idea how it happened, all the food was fabulous but it seems I am a … Continue reading

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Putting Yourself Out There – Networking and Making Dreams Come True

Don’t you hate when people tell you, ‘you have to put yourself out there more’ in order for things to happen in life. Well I do. But I think I hate it more so, because I know it’s the truth. … Continue reading

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Birthday Wishlist For 2013

It’s mine and my blog’s birthday today!!!!!! YAAAAAY! I’m 28 and my little baby blog is 2-years-old today! Setting up my blog was the best thing I could have done on my birthday 2 years ago. In fact I wrote … Continue reading

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The Gohemian’s Guide: What To Do In Paihia

So it’s time to get on the bus again and head up north to see more of glorious New Zealand. I decided to start north for no other reason than I felt like it, and I wanted to try to … Continue reading

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