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Future Fridays: Peaches, Vintage Map Dresses and Home Fun

So it’s the weekend again my friends! How fast did that week go? But I am super freakin’ excited because I’ve got another great weekend ahead. Hope you have to! Tonight I’m seeing this lil’ lady: Yessss! I bloody love … Continue reading

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Future Fridays: Relaxing and Silly Pics In Hotel-Rooms

As I’ve been super busy at BoBI and lounging in hotels (yay!) this week’s Future Fridays post is going to be short and sweet. But it still has to be done, because only by writing down our dreams for le weekend, … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving World (So Let’s Be Thankful)

As it’s thanksgiving over the pond, so how abouts we have a day ourselves, to think about what we are thankful for. I’m a big fan of gratitude lists, I think they are a great way of making yourself feel … Continue reading

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London is the place for Halloween: The Halloween Hat-Trick 2

Hey spooky kids, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Well as the Crypt-Keeper says in the video ‘We’ll have skele-tonnes of fun’ in this post talking about my favourite topic FANCY DRESSIN oh yea! (By the way that is my favourite halloween song ever … Continue reading

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How To Deal With The Post-Backpacking Blues

Well my loves, we haven’t done an inspiration post in a while now have we? Well as the dark nights and mornings set in, this is prime time to get feeling suped-up about life, love, travel and most definitely the … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2011!!

Sending you mistletoe kisses and lots and lots of festive cheer from Goho HQ! Cuddle your loved ones, eat too much indulgent stuff, play boardgames, laugh and take silly photos. ENJOY YOURSELVES my loves! I’d love to hear what you’re getting … Continue reading

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The Gohemian Guide to Homeshares and Flathunting

So moving house sucks. Indeed it does. But I can now happily inform you that I now have a new home for Goho HQ (yaaay!!!!!) and it is occupied by some very lovely people and 2 pugs (oh joy!!!!!!) :). Happy happy. The pugs are … Continue reading

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