A Love Letter to London


photo c/o theoriginal-heresthedish.tumblr.com

London, I loved you from afar for a long time, admiring your architecture, glamorous appearance and shiny nightlife. So I decided I’d make the move to try to woo you. You were feisty, kept me on my toes and pushed me around a little. You had mood swings, torrential downpours and a tempestuous tube system.

But you had unexpected patches of beautiful greenery in amongst your concrete jungle, cute cafes and vintage-shops a plenty! I was smitten. And yet, you angered me and had me in a constant rush… yet I still loved you. Mainly because you held all the Londoners that I hold dear. My amazing friends, flatmates, colleagues and loves. I love the random, unique events that you hold, they are so special to us Londoners coz no-one else has them – so thank you, thank you for it all!

But I must leave you now, for time with my family and then sunnier climes, but fret not, I will return to your grey but beautiful shores once again. Enjoy your time as a regal Olympic host and I will pop back and kiss you when all the chaos is over.

Big love and hugs, your Brummie/Geordie love, Em xoxo

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