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Dealing With Bad Weather On Holiday

I really recommend the Coral Bay area of Paphos – it’s beautiful, the location is perfect and it’s a nice and quiet part of town. Now naturally, as me and my mamma have decided to come here in November, we … Continue reading

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The song of today…

Love and mojitos! Em xoxox

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The Definitive Guide to Gettin’ Yo Mellow On

We’re REPORTING LIVE FROM THE GREEK ISLES THIS WEEK. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! And our first topic is about the importance of being…as chilled out as possible. (Sounds good huh?) Well I can tell y’all are starting to get that Christmas panic on! I’ve … Continue reading

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Gohemians Eat Brains Too (The Halloween Round-Up)

So time for the mega monster update folks. Woah mamma! So much has been going on. The crappy day job has been crazy, and general life has been even crazier but it’s been a tonne of fun so no complaining … Continue reading

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