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The Gohemian Guide to Homeshares and Flathunting

So moving house sucks. Indeed it does. But I can now happily inform you that I now have a new home for Goho HQ (yaaay!!!!!) and it is occupied by some very lovely people and 2 pugs (oh joy!!!!!!) :). Happy happy. The pugs are … Continue reading

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The Househunting Hiatus

Just thought I’d let you guys know that this is why things are a bit quiet. This is what is going on at Goho HQ: PACKING OVERLOAD!! Oh lord. I am moving flat and it is a little bit stress central … Continue reading

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Travel Heroes: Jack Kerouac

Y’ all know I think very highly of Mr Kerouac, in fact I like to think of him as a long-lost relative of mine (See: The Kerouac Cowgirl Adventure List). I look up to him, I respect him…he floats my … Continue reading

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High Expectations and Happiness

So when we plan things, we naturally have high expectations of how things are going to pan out. We expect the best, we think a little bit about the worst and overall we hope the finished experience will make us feel like a renewed person. In my … Continue reading

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In London We Love

CockNBullKid is my new weekend love. This song is dedicated to my good friend and fellow London adventurer Tracey Tully (see Tracey’s Gohemian interview – you’ve met her before remember?). We LOVE you girlfriend and will miss you terribly. Love & travels … Continue reading

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Weekend What To Do’s

Here at Goho HQ, it seems money really does rule the roost at the moment. If you’re saving too and really feeling that pinch (even after payday) then the weekend can really feel like a bit of a bummer. All that free time … Continue reading

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