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Same In Any Language

Feeling a bit in a sing-songy mood today I decided to film myself, singing to my favourite travel-inspired song ‘Same In Any Language’ by I-Nine. Taken from the Elizabethtown sountrack – it’s one of my most favourite songs ever. But … Continue reading

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Gohemian Interviews: Tracey Tully

We decided it was about time we had some interviews on here from Gohemians already on the road or who’ve been, done it and inspired the rest of us! God bless these Goho souls! First up is the delightful Canadian wondergirl Tracey Tully, … Continue reading

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Relationships On The Road

It’s come to that time where I feel it’s important to talk about relationships and the road, mainly because, well, finally I feel like I’m ready to meet someone (after 2 and a half years – finally, indeed). But the issue with this … Continue reading

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Recap on Resolutions

I think it’s time to look back at New Year’s resolutions and see how we’re getting on now eh? To be honest this is the first year I’ve actually taken New Year’s resolutions seriously and actually compiled a list – and I think … Continue reading

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The World in your Room (inspired decorating)

After realising how many fabulous travel-inspired accessories there are out there in my post I decided to look towards the home to see how you can inspire yourself to travel the world from the comfort of your sofa. It’s time to decorate it … Continue reading

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My 7 Links

How exciting! So I received an email this week to say I had been nominated to be part of the My 7 Links blog challenge c/o So I have to select 7 links from my blog that comply with the categories Tripbase … Continue reading

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Y’all need some o’ this…

As a huge Gala Darling fan, I must recommend her latest venture -the Radical Self Love Bootcamp. It is a brilliant 30 day programme which teaches you how to feel FABULOUS! It’s so easy to get bogged down by everything … Continue reading

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