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The inspired Gohemian.

On the brink of a break from work for Easter, we’re all thinking about where we want to be going/what we want to be doing and that can definitely get you thinking about the bigger picture. Just think about it … Continue reading

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Skin Deep

I love the sun. But the sun, sure as hell, doesn’t love me. Being the pale ghostly girl that I am, I have forever been fighting a losing battle with our favourite star. Since I was a kid, all I remember about … Continue reading

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Travel As Art

Wow so the travel tattoo post has proven popular – thanks for that guys! As a tattoo lover (and as we all know) a travel lover – I believe it makes sense to get a symbolic souvenir of adventures-past. I find travel … Continue reading

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Booking Up A Treat…

So in yesterdays appointment at STA Travel I learnt just how easy my trip can all be arranged. It seemed like it will be extremely difficult to sort out, but going to a place like STA, they do all the … Continue reading

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Getting The Ball Rollin’

Today I’m heading to STA Travel in Victoria to get advice about my trip. This is it guys, I’m really sorting it now. I just want to query all my options and just get some ideas – I’m  going to … Continue reading

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…My Cup Of Tea

That is what Travel is to me. It’s what floats my boat, flips my pancake and flies my flag. I’m truly obsessed. In booking this around-the-world trip, I feel the accomplishment will absolutely make me feel ‘complete’ (to an extent). It’s that feeling that … Continue reading

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Go-Go Goa (and other fun plans)

So I’m back in full Go-Go mode. Phew! And absolutely loving this Spring weather. It’s exciting to think that summer is around the corner. I’ve been wearing sandals everyday, which I just can’t get over. Sandals? I’d forgotten what they even … Continue reading

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