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I am absolutely thrilled to have picked up the March issue of women’s magazine Company because it has just blown me away with this month’s travel content.

Go Company!

They have launched a new travel campaign called ‘Hello World’ in their special travel issue this month and it’s just really refreshing and dynamic. I see that they have had a bit of an image re-launch but it’s the new ideas for content that have just blown me away. As a freelance writer I get so happy to see new and interesting ideas and this month I picked up all the main glossy women’s titles to do some new research. Guess which magazine stood out the most?

I can happily say, I’m very impressed. Their ‘Hello World’ campaign took them to Heathrow’s Terminal 5 where they interviewed passengers, air hostesses, restaurant receptionists, pilots and even air-traffic controllers.

They did the first ever airport runway photo-shoot – it’s just so fun and original. And so nice to see magazines are thinking more about readers like me and a lot of my friends, who are more travel-focused 20-somethings. The campaign encourages readers to really think about their travels and offers really insightful tips on how to save up for more meaningful experiences and not just your average package deal (shudder!).

It even encourages people who are thinking about travel for a year, to maybe think about returning to the parental nest to save money (something which I’ve been thinking about doing myself later this year). It certainly got me thinking.

They also had money-saving tips from all the main travel sites that can specialise in longer-travels. And I’ve got to admit I’ve never checked out – so guess what I’m going to be doing later this evening?

They also interviewed people with lengthy work commutes to other countries and they really emphasised the positive attitude of work-travel, which I feel, is so nice to hear.

I was in heaven reading it. I think they may have found a new fan in me. Absolutely. Positive travel-reading, keep it up Company!

If you have read it also, please tell me what you think too!

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