Win A Free Game At Cluequest London

bloggers at cluequest london


So you will remember seeing in my last post how I went on an amazing adventure with Nuffnang UK. Well we got to try out London’s new favourite live game, the jaw-droppingly good, Cluequest London.

Hidden down a secret alleyway just off Shoreditch High Street, is Cluequest HQ. A non-descript office type building, but inside you will find a maze of hidden rooms, clues and quirks.

Four brothers came up with the idea and meticulously set up each game before teams arrive to play. They are the creators, the big brother all-knowing eyes – who watch your team as you play, the builders and architects of this brilliant project.

cluequest london brothersI wrote in my post how I’d never had so much fun…well I really wasn’t lying.


In summary: You are locked in a room with your team, you have to find clues, unlock Continue reading

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My Greatest Adventure Yet

let us be adventurers tumblr my greatest adventure

Image c/o:

So I mentioned in my last post THAT I am going to be leaving London. It’s the second time I’ve left and it certainly doesn’t get any easier, but this time it’s for MY GREATEST ADVENTURE YET!

I am going to finally make my ultimate travel dream come true. I’m going to teach English abroad….which will allow me to live the nomadic lifestyle I have always craved so much. And I’m doing it on my own, just like I’ve always wanted to.

To do this, I had to do some scary things. I quit my corporate job (for the 2nd and final time), I had to find someone to take my room in my lovely flat, I’ve had to say goodbye to friends and colleagues and I’ve signed up to do a notoriously intense TEFL course. YIKES!

You Must to be Brave to Go

I have been thinking a Continue reading

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Nuffnang is 007: Cluequest and House of Holi Fun

colour houseofholi nuffnangis007

SmallCrazy and I getting colourful!

Hi loves,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote on here but today is all about getting back on track and what better way of doing that by giving you a big fun colourful post to brighten up your Monday?!

I have been very busy lately because I’m leaving London (booooo!), so lots of sorting out going on. My time has felt extremely precious lately, because I have so much to do and so many wonderful people to see, but as soon as I spotted a message from the guys at Nuffnang, about going on a London adventure, I just knew I had to jump at the chance.

I mean you can’t say the word ‘adventure’ to me and not expect me to come running! Adventures are what I live for!

lets go on an adventure

Image c/o:

Nuffnang Birthday Fun

Jesse at Nuffnang UK created a Continue reading

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How To Fit In As A Geordie at Traverse

astle Brown Ale Hipstamatic

The Geordie drink of champions

WHY AYE my pets!

So tomorrow I am going to Traverse 2014 in NEWCASTLE! I am so ridiculously excited that we’re all going to my favourite place on the planet. So yeah I thought I’d do a little video to offer some tips on what to say, what to wear and what to look out for.


Have you been to Newcastle? Practiced any of these phrases? Had any hilarious Geordie encounters? Tell me about it…and if you’re going to Traverse for blogging advice and a great Geordie night out, see you there!!

me and my dad newcastle united

Geordie blood.

Love and Pease-Pudding (mmmmm) Em xoxo

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Can You Really Treat Yourself without Looking Like A Princess?


Image c/o: sex-and-the-city-carrie-com

I’m about to get a bit Carrie Bradshaw on your ass folks!

I was thinking about that treat yourself question as I sat in my beautiful hotel room this morning (Jesus! I even sound like Carrie now haha!). But yeah, this weekend I decided to treat myself. LAVISHLY. EXPENSIVELY. TO LIVE LIKE A QUEEN FOR THE WEEKEND.

Now I think it’s a perfectly fine thing to do, but I must admit I received some interesting reactions from people when I told them of my plans. Some people thought it was great, a really fun thing to do. But some people reacted like I’d told them the moon would was made of cheese.

britannia international hotSo why is that? Why is it suddenly not cool to treat yourself like royalty? Have we really become that self-depricating? (The Carrie questioning begins….ooooo).

I mean I get that, to some of my closest buddies, I’m Continue reading

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How I Became A Burlesque Dancer

lulamaeray gohemiantravellers burlesque pin upSo this is a topic that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while but always wondered how appropriate it would be. But I decided that this year would be my year to be an honest bunny. I mean I can’t go claiming to be an ex-burlesque girl without explaining how I became a burlesque dancer in the first place, can I?

mianTravellers Burlesque

Images by PezPhotography c/o Everleigh Social Club Chicago

Well without getting too revealing (haha) ;), I got into the art of striptease basically because I became a tad obsessed with Dita Von Teese. I mean anyone who is that beautiful and has that kind of old-Hollywood glam going on, cannot fail to grab your attention.

Dita Love

dita von teese martini glass

Image c/o:

You may have realised I adore vintage fashion and always have been drawn in by all things sparkly and OTT. But seeing Dita, her style and especially her giant martini glass (OMG swoon!) made me just want to do everything in Continue reading

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Loving Of Late: Birthday Treats and Valentine Hearts

gohemiantravellers happy birthdaySo it’s been a while, I know, but what better occasion to do a big lovey-dovey positivity mash-up than on VALENTINE’S DAY!

OK, so we’ve been through it before, I’m not a big fan of V-day. It’s a little dumb for my liking (only because I think it makes a lot of people feel bad & in my opinion, no day should do that). But at the same time it’s a day that should encourage us all to think about what we love right now!

heart shaped superman

Image c/o:

I’ve been LOVING:

Having Birthday fun

Well I’m pretty happy about turning 29 because I had a really great time celebrating with my family. Birthdays can be sucky sometimes, especially as we get older, because we seem to get more bogged down by whole age thing. But so what? You turned a year older, it’s just made you 1 year greater than the year Continue reading

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